nazra-quran22Ishaatulquran Online Academy

was established in 2012 to promote the education of the Holy Quran worldwide.
It is a global, high-tech, online, educational institute, committed to set standards for the most simple and successful methods of teaching the Holy Quran.
The Institute is stipulated to engender passion for the Quranic education among the students.
It is envisioned to be a beacon of light for their spiritual progress.
We offer services based on a set of result oriented teaching methods that can help Arabs and Non-Arabs to prepare for equally good performance in international competitions.
Al-Quran Learning Academy provides an opportunity for its students to experience the joy of learning in the safety and comfort of their homes.
This method of learning also helps us to contribute to our social responsibilities by serving the promotion of a healthy and pollution free environment.


1. No registration Fee.
2. Free trial available before you start regular paid
3. Lowest possible fee starting at 30$/month
4. FREE Quran Teaching in deserving cases.

1. Anytime from anywhere.
2. Student-centered teaching.
3. On demand class timings .
4. Increases student interaction
5. Convenient Home learning.
6. Time saving Opportunity.


1. Reading and reflecting over the Quran fulfils an
Islamic duty.

2. Your status in this life will be raised.

3. There are ten rewards for each letter you recite
from the Quran.

4. Your position in Paradise is determined by the
amount of Quran you memorize in this life!

5. The Quran will be a proof for us on the Day of



1. A leading International online Quran Academy.
2. One - to - one live Quran class. Its mean teacher

teaches only a single student at a time.
3. A Quran class in your living room.
4. Essential Islamic Teaching for children and
new Muslims from age of 4 to 70.
5. Highly trained and qualified Quran teachers.
6. Highly reputed academic background.
7. A small monthly fee.
8. No long term contracts.
9. Just month to month service.