Our Vision

Ishaat-Ul-Quran Learning Academy intends to inculcate the Holy Quran into all age groups of people, who wish to learn the Quran.
The identity and all the related information about the students is guaranteed to be kept confidential.
It is therefore a golden chance for the elderly, who hesitate from taking classes with the young students to benefit from the privacy offered in our online one to one sessions.

Our Mission

For over 3 years we have been voluntarily teaching Holy Quran Worldwide.
The driving force behind this effort is to serve humanity with the gift of love and wisdom.
May ALLAH help us to continue this mission with an ever-growing strength to meet the needs of the deserving, eager learners who cannot afford to pay for learning Holy Quran.


Our Faculty

Ishaat-Ul-Quran Learning Academy has a strict and totally on Merit Policy for availing and having good Scholars as Faculty.
Our Head Tutor and the CEO of this Institute "Mufti Mohammed Usman" has great achievements in his Educational Life. He has a Degree of "Islamic Educations", "Hifz-e-Quran" from a renowned institute in Pakistan.
A Doctorate Degree also in Islamiat. Not only at Ishaat-Ul-Quran Learning Academy, he is providing Services at a Jamia Madrassa named after the "Cousin" and "Companion" af our Holy Prophet "Hazrat Mohammad" (S.A.W.S), Jamia Abdullah Bin Abbas (R.A) located in Pakistan.
He has been affiliated with this academy since the first day and is providing his services upto date.