Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is learning Quran through Ishaatul Quran Academy effective?

There’s no difference between real sessions and digital ones through Ishaatul Quran except that the later allows you to learn at any time and at any place. You also get 3 free trial lessons once you register; this allows you to examine the Ishaatul Quran Academy’s effectiveness.

Q 2: How can I start learning on Ishaatul Quran Academy?

 You need to contact Ishaatul Quran Academy by visiting the contact us to schedule your trial lesson or email (OUR SUPPORT TEAM) by if you have any inquiries. 

Q 3: What do I need to start?

You will need Laptop / android phone / tablet and skype / zoom with internet connection. 

Q 4: How long will it take to learn Quran, Arabic or Islamic studies?

A: -As with all personalized learning or coaching, the length of time (duration of the study) will vary depending on the time, effort, and ability of the student. The objective of our customized course is to learn the goals of our students and give them the time and tools they need to accomplish their goals.

Q 5: I have never taken an online course before; will be able to cope with this?

A: Allah (swt) makes it easier when we strive to follow His path and learn the Quran. The Classroom sessions are one-on-one on Zoom and your teacher will teach you at a pace that is comfortable for you inshaAllah.

Q 6: Can I rate or change the teacher or the course?

A: All the teachers at Ishaatul Quran Academy are chosen according to very high standers to ensure providing our users with an excellent learning process, but surely you can rate the teacher through our Google form to enhance the overall and you can change the teacher as well.

  • Overall Progress 90% 90%
  • Success Students 85% 85%
  • Learning Environment 100% 100%
  • Quality Education 100% 100%
  • Child Grooming with Education 100% 100%

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