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Luminar AI 1 Torrent Download

Luminar AI 1

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Image processing of artificial intelligence. Glory. Quick. The first photo editing software has full power and artificial intelligence. Creating compelling images with Luminar AI is fun and easy. More realistic atmospheric effects with deep 3D fog, fog, fog, steam, droplets and atmospheric precipitation. Create a magical environment without masks and layers.

Artificial mental environment

More realistic atmospheric effects with deep 3D fog, fog, fog, steam, droplets and Atmosphere Create a magical environment without masks and layers.

The structure of artificial intelligence

Improve details in all relevant areas as well. The artificial intelligence structure recognizes people, water, atmosphere and objects. Adds depth and clarity to view only in the required areas.


hangs the sky over the image in seconds and creates new environments. It also works perfectly with small details that interact with the atmosphere. Reset the whole image so that the color of the background image changes according to the new lighting and color of the sky.

Color Harmony

Outside spreading and trembling. Completely control the depth of the color and complete the color balance. Complete finish.

Big difference

Adding details adds new depth to the image. Arrange the tones exactly with the six controls, as well as the accents, midtones, and shadows.


Use our color and Mood tool. Try new color palettes that change the style and mood of your photos.

Get beautiful songs from any angle

With AI configuration, you always get the full yield. Intelligent cars combine the rules of gold composition with the expertise of the best photographers in the world.

Give it a magical touch. For pictures of people.

The revolutionary artificial mind creates magic for the face and body in all shapes, colors and colors.


It does not make manual selection, hiding, pasting, and other boring tasks from traditional photo editing programs.

The body of artificial intelligence

Make your body lighter or gain the weight needed to achieve a real and amazing effect.

Iris AI

Create expressive and stunning and natural textures that brighten the face.

Face AI

Heals the face naturally, heals lips, teeth; Remove unwanted black circles and more.

AI skin

It removes stains immediately by caring for pores, genes and hair.

AI accents

Get natural light and natural color for each image with one magical slide.

Bokeh AI

Trace the dim history of high-quality lenses. Let the people in the picture be seen.

Yes. You are in complete control.

Luminar AI allows you to share your vision as quickly as possible. Artificial intelligence control and routine work. But you can change and improve each step.

Your story is important, not a process

It is recognized that the processing of traditional images can be complex and time-consuming. Luminar AI is the result, not the process. It manages regular editing tasks and simplifies difficulty, so you have more time to tell compelling stories.

Strength does not mean being rigid

The actual power of the Luminar AI is hidden under the cover. Luminar AI is equipped with amazing next-generation technology that gives you more services than anything traditional vendor.

Equipment requirements:

– Hardware: Windows hardware computers with a mouse or similar input device

– Processor: Intel Core i5 or better processor, AMD Ryzen 5 or better

– Operating system version: Windows 10 (64-bit operating system only).

– RAM: At least 8 GB of memory (16 GB or more recommended)

-Disk space: 10 GB of free hard disk space; SSD for better performance

-Show: 1280×768 pixels or better

– Photo: Open a suitable or new GL photo card

Luminar AI 1

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